Friday, December 5, 2008

ORIGINAL Videos Worth Watching!

Creative and original videos can be tough to find on the internet these days. Many are pirated and downloaded from various sites and then claimed as "original". Enjoy this mixed bag of ORIGINAL videos which were carefully hand-picked for your viewing pleasure.


Argi said...

Hello from Macedonia - Greece !!!
Nice Blog.

The wolf said...

Hi, I'm from Argentina, I think your videos are very good, I liked one in particular called Shady Optical Illusion 5: Mad Dogs. I could pass the name of the song please? Thanks, and good luck!!

Sogwa said...

Not sure what happened to my message l sent yesterday, but l noticed l am blocked. l have no idea why as l hardly log onto your page and hardly leave any messages.

Nonetheless, for whatever reason l am blocked, you said you would email a pdf of the ''Trippy Illusion Cube'' . l never got it.

Can you please at least email a copy of HOW YOU MADE this Trippy Illusion Cube.


Why am I blocked?

Reversephotospective: More at

An optical illusion with a twist...

Wow, that's warped....oh wait!!

Amazing Monster Machine - If you ever need to haul a 510 ton object, you might need one of these.

Trippy Cube Illusion - It's Alive!!!!

One Minute Engine Rebuild- Produced by Renowned Matt Chapman of Chapman Digital Motion Pictures!!